5 ways to mark World Kindness Day


World Kindness Day is back! Taking place on Sunday 13th November this year, the annual event is set to make many people smile, so what are your plans for sharing the love this World Kindness Day?

There are many ways that you can promote kindness this World Kindness Day and beyond, but understanding why kindness is important, not just for individuals but for society as a whole, is important. We’ll let Calm Sage share just one of the reasons why kindness is important for the body, mind and soul:

“Have you heard about ‘having a warm heart’? Well, if you show an act of kindness to someone, you are able to release the hormone called Oxytocin which helps in expanding the blood vessels and in turn reduces issues like blood pressure and strained heart vessels. We are sure you want to be called as a warm-hearted person and enjoy a long life. Moreover, another advantage of kindness includes ease of pain and anxiety.”

From the release of feel-good hormones and the easing of stress and anxiety to the improvement of the relationships with yourself and all the people that surround you, kindness matters. That’s why we’ve dedicated this blog post to the five ways that you can mark World Kindness Day!

1. Send a sweet message

We all live busy lives but even a simple message to a friend or relative can brighten someone’s day. If you haven’t spoken to this individual in a while, then even better! Open up those channels of communication and work on the relationships that mean the most to you.

2. Share a smile

Random acts of kindness can be shared every day, and you don’t have to go big and bold to help make the world a kinder place. A simple smile or wave can have a big impact both on you and the recipient.

3. Open your home

Inviting a loved one into your home isn’t just a great excuse to show off your autumn interiors. Reaching out to other people and chatting over a cup of coffee is a great way to get kindness flowing, and it can be a positive experience that you can both benefit from.

Kindness day

4. Show yourself some love

Kindness starts at home, so don’t forget to show yourself kindness this World Kindness Day. There are many ways that you can be kind to yourself, even when times are tough.

These include dedicating time to doing something you enjoy, nourishing your body and mind with great food and regular exercise, making changes that allow you to prioritise a good night’s sleep, setting achievable goals for yourself, and celebrating each and every milestone.

5. Give a gift

Send a kind card, note or even a gift to someone you care about this World Kindness Day. We have tons of great gift inspiration for those big and little acts of kindness, including beautiful wool throws and blankets that can become lasting and hugely comforting additions to everyone’s home.

We also provide a luxury gift wrapping service at extra cost, complete with gift wrap/box, decorative ribbon and even a printed card with your personalised message so you can really tell that special someone what they mean to you.

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Images: Purino, Song_about_summer / Shutterstock.com