Kim Multicoloured Throw Blanket

130 x 200cm – 4ft 3in x 6ft 6in

100% Baby Alpaca Wool

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W130 x L200cm – 4ft 3in x 6ft 6in


100% Baby Alpaca Wool







Alpaca Origin certified. Learn more here.

Looking for a playful piece to brighten up classic and contemporary schemes alike? Our new Kim Mulitcoloured Throw is just the ticket.

Crafted from 100% baby alpaca wool, this generously sized throw provides a delightful mix of timeless tones and muted brights as well as a warming texture that you’ll want to caress again and again.

The ultimate family favourite

Its multicoloured stripes make this the ultimate family favourite, ideal for adding a touch of comfort and cosiness to living spaces, snugs, playrooms and bedrooms. Its light yet perfectly weighted feel also lends itself well to travel, making it the perfect companion for those long car journeys, year-round staycations, caravan holidays, or getaways that take you a little further afield.

Wherever you take your baby alpaca wool Kim Throw, its colourful pattern is certain to brighten your day. It is silky soft, and its smoothness also sits beautifully against the skin to deliver a delicate touch of home that can be treasured by each and every member of the family.

Whether slipping into sleep under our Kim Throw or snuggling up for a family movie in front of the log burner, its beauty and warmth are certain to go down well.

Crafted from the finest baby alpaca wool

The world’s finest fibre, sourced directly from nature, our love for baby alpaca wool is certainly celebrated with our Kim Throw. Made from fibres sourced from an alpaca’s very first clip, the result is a lightweight, long-lasting and lovingly warm fleece that’s also stylish, practical and highly sustainable.

Bring nature into your space in the most eco-friendly, exciting and exceptional way by choosing our Kim Throw as your next heart-warming home addition.

Alpaca – Treasure of the Andes

Alpacas (lama pacos) are members of the South American camelid family which also includes Llamas, Guanacos and Vicuñas, to which they are closely related. Alpacas are indigenous to Peruvian highlands. There are an estimated 3.5 to 5 million Alpacas in South America, and about 95% of them are found in the Southern region of Peru. Alpacas are bred at altitudes ranging from 2,500 to over 4,500 metres above sea level, where they to withstand temperatures that fluctuate between +30 Celsius to -20 Celsius in a single day and survive on a special low-protein diet based on natural grasses found on the moorlands. Alpacas are shorn every 18 months, from November to March, yielding about 2 to 3 kilograms of fibre per animal. There are two Alpaca types: Huacayo and Suri, which differ from each other in both their appearance and the characteristics of the fibre.


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