Introducing our brand new Elemento Shawl

It’s not just naturally beautiful throws and blankets for the home that we’re a dab hand at designing and handcrafting. Our brand-new range of Elemento Shawls delivers great comfort at home and excellent coverage on the go too.

In this blog post, we officially introduce the Elemento Shawl, a classically timeless new design and Merino wool-cashmere mix that’s sumptuously soft to the touch and a joy to wear, especially during summer!

The perfect accessory for summer?

We’re of course firm believers that no accessory is off-limits during the summer months, with everything from our wool blankets to our linen bedspreads providing year-round comfort you can rely on, whatever the weather outside.

Shawls are the perfect companions from season to season. Come the cooler months, a shawl can be thrown on very easily to add an extra layer of warmth that’ll keep those autumn/winter chills at bay. Discover more about the art of layering right here.

In summer, a shawl can be just as comforting, especially when temperatures take a dip during the evening. A lightweight shawl is made for any occasion too, with our wraps particularly popular for summer weddings as an image consultant and creator of Fabulous After 40, Deborah Boland, explains:

“You get the coverage you want without looking or feeling weighed down by adding a breezy wrap… Is it just me, or does air conditioning in summer make you feel like you are sitting in a refrigerator, especially at significant events like wedding receptions where the venues tend to crank up the cold to the max? I always take a wrap along, just in case, and usually, it’s cashmere.”

The shawl and its many, many uses

There are so many ways to wrap a shawl. You can wear it traditionally by draping it over your shoulder, wrap it around your neck just like a scarf, wear it in reverse, toss it over just one shoulder, or even tie it in a knot.

Our shawls, including our brand-new Elemento wraps, are so sturdy and compact they can even be carried around on a daily basis and whipped out when needed. Whether you’re looking for on-the-go comfort or an accessory that’ll elevate your look, a stylish shawl won’t let you down.

Elemento – the epitome of style and comfort

A wrap, blanket, shawl and classy coverup all in one, our Elemento design doesn’t compromise on style or comfort.

Available in four elegant shades – namely Pale Aqua, Star White, Spiced Coral and Quiet Grey – Elemento calls on 95% extra fine Merino wool and 5% of the finest cashmere. This guarantees a modern-day masterpiece made from lightweight, breathable fibres that’ll leave you fresh and fabulous all summer long.

The result? A wrap that caresses the skin, cocoons the body and is generously sized yet compact enough to fit in your handbag. The design itself transcends the trends, providing an effortless style with contrasting edges to ensure a certain level of sophistication that helps you look good on the outside and feel even better on the inside.

Shop our Elemento shawls today to discover more about this stunningly stylish seasonal staple for yourself.