How to keep your bedding fresh this summer

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Things can get a little hot and a little sticky come summer, with the rising temperatures and lighter evenings wreaking havoc with many people’s sleep cycles. Our thriving summer social lives can also mean fewer hours of good quality shuteye as Insider explains:

“This summertime illusion may go hand in hand with drinking more regularly, which is a fifth reason for disrupted sleep. Alcohol interferes with sleep, said Brodner, which isn’t specific to summer, but it does seem more prevalent because ‘everyone feels like they’re on vacation’. The biochemical reasons for this are that alcohol decreases slow-wave sleep, or deep sleep.”

A recent study revealed that people sleep 20 minutes less on weeknights during summer on average. Whilst losing this seemingly minute amount of sleep every night may not seem like a big deal, having less sleep for an entire season can take its toll. But you don’t have to accept restless nights as just another seasonal difficulty.

There are several things you can do to enjoy better sleep this summer. These include keeping a consistent schedule, minimising exposure to light as the evening draws in, and enjoying more relaxing activities to prepare your body and mind for sleep. Keeping your bedding fresh and clean can also help you improve sleep quality and quantity.

Create your own sanctuary for sleep with our top tips for keeping your bedding as fresh as a daisy.

Choose your bedspread wisely

Contrary to popular belief, some fibres are more superior and sleep-friendly than others. A linen or wool bedspread for instance unlocks far more benefits than other materials, especially during the warmer months.

The natural temperature-regulating qualities of linen and wool bedspreads prevent overheating that can disturb sleep. Linen is also highly resistant to moisture and super breathable, which means your bedding will stay fresher for longer without excessive washing.

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Refine your laundry habits

While choosing a linen or wool bedspread means you can get away with washing your bedding less, you shouldn’t forgo washing altogether. Those sheets and pillow slips should be laundered every two weeks, with duvet covers refreshed every month as a rule of thumb.

Summer bedding

Use protectors and covers

Pillow protectors and mattress covers are often seen as ‘nice to have’ items but they can keep your pillows and mattress cleaner, fresher and usable for longer.

The great news is they require very little maintenance to keep delivering results. Most experts recommend machine washing your pillow protectors and mattress covers just a couple of times a year.

Don’t forget about your mattress

All that effort you go into keeping your sheets and bedspread fresh and clean may be going to waste without the right level of mattress care. Your mattress should be vacuumed, spot cleaned and deodorised regularly to keep the dust mites, dead skin cells and lint that can compromise freshness and hygiene under control.

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