Our top tips for enjoying life on the road

Life on the road

We consider ourselves very lucky indeed to be able to split our time between So Cosy HQ and life on the road. Being small business owners has taken us to so many wonderful places, with the inspiration gained when travelling influencing our designs and our way of life. With the start of a New Year comes another jam-packed events itinerary for us and yet more opportunities to meet our fabulous customers in person.

Whether you travel for work or leisure however, being away from home can take its toll. The symptoms of homesickness can impact you in many ways as Choosing Therapy details:

“Feeling homesick can affect you physically and emotionally. Symptoms mimic other mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, as well as some physical conditions… Each person’s experience of homesickness may be different and can depend upon whether the move or change in environment is temporary or permanent, whether or not they are dealing with other stressors, and their level of social support.”

Over the years, we’ve discovered a number of ways to help us feel right at home wherever our adventure takes us…

Remember it’s perfectly normal

Don’t beat yourself up about feeling homesick. No matter how much or little you’re on the road, your feelings of homesickness are completely valid. Being in new surroundings can help you appreciate exactly what you’ve got, which makes missing home, your loved ones and your furry friends perfectly normal and natural.

Get involved in the community

Our travels have taken us to the heart of communities and the centre of events. Getting involved wholeheartedly not only offers a welcome distraction when experiencing feelings of homesickness, but offers a unique opportunity to experience something new and exciting as well as learn so much more about the new setting you find yourself in.

Take a piece of home with you

Packing a favourite thing or two in your luggage is a great way to bring a little slice of home with you wherever you travel. The Elemento Shawl is one accessory I’ve packed in my suitcase in recent months. I get great comfort from this timeless staple at home and it offers excellent coverage on the go too.

It’s also super versatile, with its generously sized yet compact and lightweight Merino wool-cashmere design providing the cosiest comfort when used as a shawl, scarf, wrap or blanket. Whichever creature comfort you choose, snuggling up in it after a long day is the perfect pick-me-up.

Enjoying being outdoors

Indulge all the senses

If it’s a certain scent that conjures up that feeling of home comfort, try to replicate it during your travels. Choose a candle, incense or essential oil that soothes you, and create a special place that’s a home away from home in an instant.

It’s not just back in your apartment or hotel room where you can feel at home with the perfect scent. Dab your chosen essential oil on your wrists to take the calming smell of home with you as you go about your day.

Smell isn’t the only sense you can indulge in your quest for that connection with home. Making your favourite home cooked meal is also certain to take you back.

There really is no place like home

No matter how far away you are or how long your trip is, keeping in touch with your nearest and dearest will help you find comfort when travelling. So, drop a quick text, make time for a call, or send a voice note to connect with friends and family back home.