Merino wool – the fabric that’ll keep you comfy whatever the weather

Merino wool throw

The changing seasons may be beautiful, but, my goodness, are they challenging! From knowing what to wear to see you through the day to packing the right supplies for that trip to the office or adventure a little further afield, the shifting seasons and fluctuating temperatures cause conundrums that we could all really do without.

The clothing we wear and the fibres we rely on for comfort have to be particularly versatile. One material that stands out for its ability to adapt to changing conditions is merino wool. Here we delve deeper into merino wool’s impressive qualities, and explain how to use this natural wonder from season to season, and everywhere in-between.

It’s temperature regulating

Derived from the fleece of merino sheep, this natural fibre boasts a long, long list of properties that make it an ideal choice for transitioning from winter to spring. A special quality that’s particularly useful at this time of year is its exceptional temperature regulation.

When compared to synthetic materials, merino wool doesn’t trap heat or cause discomfort. Instead its unique structure absorbs and releases moisture, helping you to maintain a comfortable body temperature in the process. This natural breathability makes it an excellent choice for navigating the unpredictable weather we all face as we make our way to spring.

It’s warming yet cooling

This may seem a little contradictory, but it’s true! Merino wool is warming and cooling to ensure a versatile accessory that’ll provide comfort all year round, whatever the season or the weather outside.

During the colder winter months, merino wool keeps you snug by trapping and insulating air within its fibres. As the weather warms up and things start to get a little bit sweaty, merino wool pulls moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and preventing that clammy feeling that leaves us all a little out of sorts.

It’s kind to skin

Wool has quite the reputation for skin irritation, but it’s one of the biggest myths our collection of all-natural, wool goodies busts. It is however important to note that not all wool is created equal, and merino wool is certainly up there when it comes to comfort.

We’ll let Merino Wool Gear explain more about how the structure of merino wool compares to traditional wool fibres, and how this makes for a more comfortable, skin-friendly experience:

“Traditional wool fibres are about 40 microns thick. They sometimes have a shorter fibre length, which causes the garment to fray and feel rough on the skin. However, Merino wool is a bit different. The thickness of a Merino fibre is around the range of 20 microns, making them more flexible when weaved into apparel. Also, the fibres tend to be longer and softer, which means it’s more difficult for a loose thread to pop out and annoy you. The combination of fibre length, fibre diameter, and quality of material improves overall comfort.”

It’s not just during the transition from winter to spring where your merino wool accessories will come in handy. Merino wool offers natural sun protection that’s certain to be appreciated during those heady days of summer.

Warm wool throw

It’s fresh and unforgettable

To feel truly comfortable as the seasons change, you have to satisfy all the senses, which is something merino wool’s natural odour resistance can certainly help with. Unlike synthetic fabrics that tend to harbour odours, the structure of merino wool fibres inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause unpleasant smells.

It’s made for layering

To make the most of merino wool from season to season, consider layering. In winter, merino wool base layers worn beneath your regular clothing can be real lifesavers, adding warmth when you need it most.

As spring approaches and the days get milder, these base layers can be worn on their own or paired with lighter outer layers. Merino wool blankets and throws are also excellent transitional pieces and must-have accessories that can be taken anywhere and everywhere to keep you cosy and comfortable at home or on the go.

You can find out more about the art of layering or shop our merino wool blankets to discover the home accessories that’ll help you see out the season in comfort and style.