5 springtime renewal tips to start the season

Spring time exercise

Spring is almost here, which means many of us will be stocking up on those household cleaning products and blitzing our homes to perfection in the coming weeks in preparation.

According to this survey, a whopping 93% of UK homes indulge in a springtime deep clean at least once a year, and for good reason. Spring cleaning can in fact make you healthier and happier as clinical psychologist Tricia Wolanin explains:

“When we clear clutter, it has the potential to clear our mental space and attention span… I have had many clients mention that if there is mess within the home, they will continue to ruminate on the disarray that needs to be sorted versus focusing on a conversation or concentrating on anything else. When they clean their house, it begins to minimise their stress and sleep issues.”

Now we’re clear on the perks of spring cleaning, we’re asking: why should this feeling of renewal be restricted to the cleanliness of your home?

Here we share our top tips for refreshing and renewing your mind, body, soul and home for the season ahead.

1. Get outside and discover what spring is really about

There’s no better time to renew your love for the great outdoors than spring. With the weather getting more pleasant and nature springing back to its blooming best, there is so much beauty to explore on your doorstep.

The benefits of getting outside and becoming fitter enriches both your body and mind, with those exercising regularly performing better mentally and physically.

2. Enjoy the season’s best produce – with delicious results!

Eating right is just as important for a healthy body and mind as exercise. Spring is well known for its bountiful seasonal produce, with a long (long) list of fruits and veggies just ripe for picking and tasting!

Put those seasonal staples to great use with yummy vegan recipes that even meat eaters will adore.

Spring flowers

3. Take meditation and mindfulness seriously this spring

Scheduling in some serious downtime is important, especially as your diary becomes a little livelier as the weather gets warmer and socialising outside is back on the cards. Meditation is a fantastic way to make the most of that alone time, with its benefits for stress management, memory, sleep and concentration completely underrated.

4. Find a stress management technique that works for you

Stress is an unavoidable part of modern life, with those little and big dramas taking their toll. Knowing how to manage stress however will ensure you can recharge whatever the season. Find a stress management technique that works for you, whether that’s breathing exercises and meditation or partaking in a particularly vigorous workout to blow off some steam.

5. Remember – home is where the heart is

Investing in your home as spring gets underway is a fantastic and beneficial route to loving yourself and your space.

When shopping for seasonal accessories that showcase your personal style and keep you comfortable whatever the weather outside, go slow for optimum effect, maximum longevity and minimal environmental impact. By using slow fashion pieces crafted from the planet’s most sustainable materials to revive your home and wardrobe, you can furnish for the future responsibly.

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Images: Soloviova Liudmyla, Tonio_75 / Shutterstock.com