What is mohair wool?

Angora goats

As one of the world’s most fabulous fibres – not that we’re biased! – the world of wool offers endless variety, beauty and inspiration. These are just some of the reasons why we use different types of wool yarn to craft the cosy favourites that make any house feel like home.

When defining the most luxurious wool that’s available today, mohair is certainly up there! But what is mohair wool? What makes it so special? And what exciting mohair creations have we just introduced to the So Cosy collection? All will be revealed right here…

A brief introduction to mohair wool

Considered one of the most prized fibres found in nature, mohair exudes luxury and elegance thanks to its silk-like softness. Mohair wool is sourced from the Angora goat and has been since medieval times, putting this fibre among the oldest textiles on the planet.

Whilst sharing the same name as its creator, Angora wool shouldn’t be confused with mohair. Angora wool is actually sourced from Angora rabbits, not Angora goats. Both wool types however are well known for their super soft and durable natures.

The benefits of mohair wool

Like wool, mohair consists of the protein keratin. Its structure has almost half the number of scales in its outer layer, however, and these lie almost completely flat to give mohair its renowned smoothness. Its flat outer scales bring us to one benefit of mohair that is particularly celebrated as Moth Prevention explains:

“Mohair has flat scales. Unlike wool that can feel ‘prickly,’ mohair feels very smooth to the touch. This characteristic also means that mohair doesn’t feel itchy on the skin as most wool types do (with the exception of Merino wool and a few others), which makes it a better choice for individuals with sensitive skin.”

Mohair wool’s silky smoothness isn’t the only quality that stands out. The fibre is extremely durable and resilient. This means while it can’t be used for felting, it does dye extremely well to create garments and textiles that are vibrant and rich in colour. Its natural lustre also gives it a silky shine to create something extra special for the home.

Despite being exceedingly thick when compared with other wool types, mohair is lightweight and naturally temperature-regulating.

A word about the mohair blend

As you may have noticed across several mohair products – including our brand new, premium Lisos blankets – the composition of mohair isn’t and cannot be completely pure.

Our mohair blankets deliver a delightful blend of mohair, wool and polyamide – the latter of which is a synthetic fibre that makes up just 3% of the entire mix. The presence of polyamide however is integral to the processing and strength of mohair yarn.

Despite the perks of using a mohair blend with that tiny percentage of synthetic material, mohair blankets need special treatment. As a result, they shouldn’t be washed, bleached, tumble dried or ironed, and should instead be dry cleaned.

Brushing your mohair with a hard clothes brush in the direction of the nap is recommended to maintain your wool throw’s softness and fluffiness.

Red and blue mohair blankets

Say “hello” to our new mohair blankets

Fluffy, silky soft and luxuriously thick, our Lisos blankets are the latest and most adorable addition to our collection.

Available in six stunning shades – including Folkstone Grey, Apple Green, Deep Orange, Ocean Depths Blue, Mellow Mocha and Vanilla Ice White – these mohair wonders have been created by Mantas Ezcaray on our behalf. Mantas Ezcaray is a family-run business that has been using handlooms to transform the most beautiful fibres into homeware favourites for almost a century!

Our Lisos mohair blankets are more than just beautiful to look at and to touch. They are testaments to our commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. The mohair wool used to create our Lisos blankets is mulesing-free and upholds the five principles of animal welfare set by the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

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