The golden rules for shopping more sustainably

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Fast fashion has dominated our shopping habits for too long. Education may be helping consumers make better decisions about how they spend their hard-earned cash, yet fast fashion doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

While the latest statistics show that the UK and Europe aren’t the worst fast fashion offenders by far – with the likes of China, Vietnam, India, Brazil and the USA choosing quantity over quality when purchasing clothing and other textiles – the global fashion industry remains the second-largest industrial polluter. The sector is actually responsible for 10% of all global pollution and generates more CO2 emissions than air and maritime travel combined!

Pausing and considering the impact of our choices is everyone’s responsibility. As we take advantage of the January sales, there are a few rules you can follow when updating your wardrobe and interior consciously for the New Year.

Choose quality every time

When shopping with sustainability in mind, less is more. Instead of stocking up on cheap, disposable items, invest in high-quality, durable homewares and accessories that look great and stand the test of time.

Goodies that are made from sustainable materials such as wool, linen and reclaimed wood should get the priority, and your home and wardrobe will be all the better for it!

Be selective with brands

Not all brands were created equal. Be sure to take the time to research and support businesses that prioritise ethical sourcing, fair labour practices, and environmentally friendly production processes.

Here at So Cosy, we take our environmental and ethical responsibilities very seriously indeed. In addition to all our homewares and accessories using all-natural, organic, biodegradable and ethically sourced materials, we work closely with local artisans and producers to support local communities around the world. Our products are also Woolmark certified.

We’re proud to be a member of the International Alpaca Association (IAA) too. Their seal of approval is a sign of quality and preservation as the IAA explains:

“The ALPACA MARK guarantees the content and quality of the alpaca fibre used in the different products that bear the ALPACA MARK. It is thus a commitment to excellence on the part of all those who belong to the IAA to protect businesses and consumers. Being the oldest collective symbol in the sector, the ALPACA MARK is well placed nationally and worldwide.”

By supporting responsible brands like us, you encourage others within the industry to adopt sustainable practices and invest in goods that protect the planet, its people and all the creatures that call it home.

Go preloved or vintage with your purchase

Shopping second hand is an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact. Charity shops, vintage stores, and preloved platforms online are all fantastic places to find good quality products without the hefty price tag or the huge carbon footprint.

By shopping vintage or second hand, you’ll be extending the life of existing items, minimising the demand for new production, and curbing the environmental impact of manufacturing.

Thanks to its long lifespan, wool is the perfect material to be reused, repurposed and recycled. In fact, out of all the materials (both natural and synthetic), good quality wool items have the potential for two or more uses or ‘lives’ according to this research from Leeds University. It’s one of the many reasons why we love working with this versatile, eco-conscious fibre so much!

Consider items with more than one function

Look for homewares and accessories that serve multiple purposes to really get the most out of each and every one of those ‘lives’. Our blankets and throws are excellent investments for that very reason, providing a lightweight and warming accessory for use at home, as well as a compact shawl, extra layer for the bed, or a handy travel companion.

Looking to invest in sustainable, ethical, all-natural homewares and accessories that last and look the part? Now couldn’t be a better time to explore our collection, with 50% off selected items from Monday 15th to Sunday 28th January 2024. Shop our sale to grab your eco-friendly goodies.