What exactly are tumble dryer balls?

tumble dryer balls

With the weather still not letting us make full use of our washing lines, people are getting creative with how they dry their clothes and home furnishings quickly and affordably. From dehumidifiers to air drying, each offers its pros and cons, yet there’s one technique that’s usually a no-go as energy expert Justina Miltienyte explains:

“Tumble dryers are one of the most energy-intensive devices in the home, so it’s worth trying to avoid using it during the warmer months… Drying three loads a week in your tumble dryer will cost you about £190 a year, whereas putting it on the washing line is free.”

While some tumble dryers are more expensive to run than others, with vented appliances costlier when compared with condenser and heat pump dryers. Investing in one seemingly simple accessory could just help you use your tumble dryer more efficiently…

Introducing the tumble dryer ball

Tumble dryer balls are certainly the unsung hero of the textile world. This clever and cost-effective accessory can actually reduce drying time by up to 30% as well as soften fibres to keep laundry in the very best condition. Dryer balls are also designed to remove static electricity and attract lint, meaning clothes and textiles are ready to use right away.

While tumble dryer balls offer fantastic results when tumble drying anything, they are particularly useful when drying larger items, such as towels and bedding. Just be sure to check the laundry tags to make sure they are suitable for tumble drying.

Dryer ball benefits

Why wool dryer balls are the best

We don’t just provide any tumble dryer ball! Our premium tumble dryer balls are made from 100% wool to unlock yet more advantages. Their natural status means they’re a truly sustainable choice for those looking to reduce drying time and improve the softness of blankets, bedding, other large textiles, and clothing.

Our wool dryer balls are also long lasting, with this investment able to be used for between three and five years – or up to 1,000 loads – on average.

A great alternative to sheets and plastic

Their durability isn’t the only reason why our wool tumble dryer balls are favoured above all else. When compared to single-use tumble dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls, wool balls certainly have that eco-friendly edge.

Unlike plastic dryer balls, the wool alternatives aren’t affected by chemical treatment either, making them ideal for use by those who have sensitive skin. There’s no need to use fabric softener when washing your clothes too. Your wool tumble dryer balls will deliver all the softness you crave.

Made the switch from sheets to wool dryer balls but are missing the scent? Your wool dryer balls can be scented just as simply and more naturally by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

Getting started with wool dryer balls

Our 100% natural wool dryer balls come in a set of four. When you’re ready to dry, simply pop all four balls in the tumble dryer with your wet, clean clothes, and dry as usual. Once you’re finished, place the dryer balls back in the soft storage bag or leave them in the dryer for next time.

Find out more about our wool tumble dryer balls right here or explore our full textile care range for further inspiration.