From Germany with love: Our rundown of the top trends for 2023

Textile colour ideas

Attending events and exhibitions is one thing we love doing. Taking our super cosy products on the road is not only a fantastic opportunity to connect with existing customers and those only just discovering the So Cosy brand. It also offers the chance to liaise with other experts and craftspeople within the industry, and discover the hot topics and trends that will influence the space you call home.

After recently returning from the Heimtextil Exhibition in Germany – an event widely regarded for its textile trends talks – we’re brimming with information and ideas about what’s hot and new for 2023. In this blog post, we share the latest to reveal the top trends that’ll help you create an interior you can be proud of during the year ahead and beyond…

Nature at its finest

We don’t know whether you’ve noticed but we’re huge fans of all things natural! This year’s top trends embody the So Cosy ethos to a tee, with a push for smarter, more natural, functional and regenerative homewares predicted.

Going undyed and unbleached with the accessories you choose to welcome into your home is a must for 2023. Decorating with natural, organic elements not only looks great, it’s beneficial to your health and wellbeing too as Citrus Sleep details:

“Decorating your home is a great way to showcase your love for the environment by using many eco-friendly, organic and natural home décor. These home goods are not only sustainable and non-toxic, but they are also made with organic and chemical free materials, making them pieces that you can feel comfortable about having in your home.”

With the right, undyed, organic accessories in tow, your home can support a powerful and super sustainable relationship with nature, and create a comfortable and refined vibe that’s always welcoming and on-trend.

Earth colours

Kinder textiles matter

Your choice of textiles can also make a huge difference to your home’s carbon footprint and enable you to do your part in protecting our beautiful planet. As Heimtextil Exhibition’s Textiles Matters segment so succinctly demonstrated, shifting your focus to sourcing, design and sustainability can create some stunning, zero-impact results.

When choosing the textiles that will decorate your home in 2023, do your research and support a greener, kinder textiles industry.

Future-proof your home

Following the trends from year to year can mean a lot of unnecessary waste. Thankfully, 2023’s ‘continuous’ trend works to future-proof the look and feel of your interior for the long haul. Practical, pared-back and utterly timeless, the continuous trend will see you opt for homewares that will stand the test of time and transcend the trends this year and the next.

In addition to selecting premium, eco-friendly materials that last, your choice of colours can ensure an enduringly elegant appearance that looks the part from season to season. Warm greys, sages, classic blues and near-blacks are all fantastic colour options for those looking to add finishing touches for the future.

Earth colours

Earthy tones are still big news

We love earthy tones, with olive, lime, beige, indigo and even pink great choices for finishes that reflect the world outside and leave your space looking beautiful for the long term. When selecting your shades, think warm, soft and muted for organic colours that create a connection with the natural world and a sophisticated, timeless elegance at home.

Find the stunning, sustainable textiles that help you recreate all the trends mentioned above right here at So Cosy.

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