How to let nature inspire your home

Nature inspired home decor

The natural world comes into its own as we make that transition from summer to autumn. The beauty of the new season can be admired at every turn, from the changing light at dusk and dawn to the kaleidoscope of colour seen in the foliage that lines our gardens, rural woodlands and city streets.

Those wishing to bring just some of this beauty into their homes have a lot to look forward to. As well as looking pretty great, increasing the presence of nature within the home has been linked to better stress relief, stronger immunity, great sleep and even improved pain management!

Discover how you can use nature to inspire your home and lift your mood even as the days grow colder and the nights become darker.

Embrace the darkness

The end of daylight savings can represent a difficult period of adjustment for many, especially as we’ve been spoiled with the most glorious weather during those long, summer days. Embracing the darkness indoors may therefore be the last thing on your mind.

Darker coloured schemes can be the perfect backdrop for nature-inspired themes, providing a certain element of drama when used with lighter and brighter floral displays or more rustic, charming natural touches.

From decorating with grey to using a deeper midnight blue to your advantage, dark colours can transform rooms that have limited natural light as Stitched explains:

“A common [yet] understandable decorating mistake is to use light paints and fabrics in spaces with little or no natural light in an effort to make them look brighter. North facing rooms, for example, may be favoured by artists because of the clarity and evenness of the light they receive but the lack of natural light can make them feel cold and drab. The answer is not to fight nature but create drama and intimacy through the use of strong, dark colours.”

Natural decor

Create a living wall

Who said plant life had to stay outdoors? Living walls are popular additions to gardens of all shapes and sizes. If you have the space, they look great indoors too, especially when outdoor foliage is looking a little sparse during the autumn and winter months.

Building an indoor plant wall is easier than you think. All you need is the right wall system and the correct plant varieties for the environment to create an indoor living wall that you can enjoy all year round.

Use botanical prints

If you don’t have the time or space to incorporate real plant life into your home, why not use botanical prints instead? Botanical prints are powerfully stylish ways to bridge the gap between indoors and out in your home.

Bright and bold botanical prints are great additions to more minimalist schemes, whilst classic designs are delightful in traditional interiors.

Discover your earthy colours

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