New to So Cosy: The all-season staples that’ll see you through spring and beyond

Striped bags

While we’re firm believers in using slow, not fast, fashion favourites to add those finishing flourishes to your home, the new season brings some inspiring new designs to the House of So Cosy. Unlike our fast fashion foes however, our designs (from our new additions to our long-running bestsellers) are here to stay, providing you with an unforgettable look from season to season to season and far beyond.

We’re so excited to share our latest and newest designs with you, each of which promises a stunning all-season staple that’ll keep your home looking beautiful for the long haul while caring for the planet and all the creatures who call it home.

Davian Throw

For a stylish check pattern that will never fall out of favour, our Davian Throw is the seasonal staple for you. Made from 100% Scandinavian pure new wool, this generously sized, all-natural blanket is the perfect addition to spaces big and small, modern or traditional.

Its classic good looks and soft grey colour delivers a style that transcends any trend, and its sumptuous texture is just made to be caressed.

Bergen Bedspread

Match your Davian Throw with our brand new Bergen Grey Bedspread. Again, handmade from pure new wool, this sizable and utterly luxurious bedspread is extra large making it the ideal companion for those Sunday morning snoozes or late-night snuggles.

Designed to fit a super king-size bed, you’ll realise pretty quickly why using a natural wool bedspread is one of our top tips for sleeping soundly!

New spring products

Floki Blanket

Available in Antique White, Covert Green and Blackened Pearl, our inspired, super chunky blankets are certain to be must-haves for contemporary and traditional homes. Crafted from one of our favourite fibres – merino wool – this beautiful throw with deep, three-dimensional, waffle texture is fluffy, soft and extremely tactile.

It is important to note that while the texture of our Floki blankets is utterly delightful, it’s also a little more delicate than other natural wool blankets due to its 100% virgin consistency. That’s why we advise avoiding hard use and the paws of any furry friends that also live in your home.

Jute Tote

Who said your love of natural fibres should be kept at home? Our new Jute Tote Shopping Bags are fabulous travel companions, 100% organic and extremely hard-wearing – and that’s just a few of the reasons why we adore jute!

We’ll let The Eco Hub explain another huge plus-point of choosing jute as your next fashion accessory:

“Actually, jute’s one of the world’s most eco-friendly fibres to produce. That’s because it’s completely biodegradable, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen (even faster than trees do), it grows without the use of pesticide or fertiliser, can enhance the fertility of the soil it grows in and it doesn’t release microfibers, reducing the pollution of waterways. It’s not only eco-friendly but sustainable.”

Our Jute Totes – seen here in Black and Tomato Red; Blue, Navy and Red; and Rose, Blue and Green – sport stylish stripes that are great for spring and summer. They’re also fantastic for transporting all those everyday essentials as well as our beautiful blankets and throws!

Shop all our new products today to see what else has just arrived at So Cosy HQ.