Say “hello” to our little friends – meet our new plush pals

Our blankets, throws and bedspreads aren’t the only woolly wonders that should be a part of your life and keep you cosy this spring! We’ve just added some more little and super furry friends to our collection, and we can’t wait for you to meet them all…

Introducing our beautiful alpaca keyrings

Vibrant, playful and as cute as a button, our brand new Alpaca Keyrings are the colourful and utterly adorable alpaca accessory you’ve been searching for. They’re also crafted from 100% alpaca wool making them extra touchable and soft.

Available in six ultra-bright body colours (including red, navy, green, purple, orange and yellow) complete with a tricoloured tag and coordinating tassel, each keyring features three silky soft pompoms, which are also alpaca wool. To make sure none of our Alpaca Keyrings is the same, the colour combination used on the pompom attachment differs with every order. The question is – which unique colour combo will you get?

Our handmade Alpaca Keyrings are full of character. Take your Alpaca Keyring everywhere you go by affixing your baby alpaca pal to your house keys, handbag or backpack.

The So Cosy family is growing

Lovely sheep

Following on from our successful alpaca toy range, we’ve added to our collection of critters with our equally adorable Sheep Toys. Our Sheep Toys are 100% wool, ethical and huggable, and available in a selection of lovely designs, including Suffolk sheep colouring, beige, mint green and pink.

Each Sheep Toy has been handcrafted by a carefully selected artisan supplier. We take the sourcing of our products and the care of the creatures we call on to create them extremely seriously. That’s why the company we collaborated with to create our new Sheep Toys is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and was the first Fair Trade USA-certified company in Nepal!

Our alpaca toys are back with new hat designs

Our Alpaca Toys are also back for spring, and we’ve extended our hugely popular range with several beautiful, new hat designs and the same super soft feel. Like our Alpaca Keyrings, our 100% baby alpaca wool toys are also Alpaca Origin certified.

Here the International Alpaca Association (IAA) explains why choosing homewares and accessories that have their seal of approval really matters:

“The Alpaca Mark guarantees the content and quality of the alpaca fibre used in the different products that bear the Alpaca Mark. It is thus a commitment to excellence on the part of all those who belong to the IAA to protect businesses and consumers. Being the oldest collective symbol in the sector, the Alpaca Mark is well placed nationally and worldwide.”

The connection between wool and wellness is well established, and what better way to enjoy or share these perks than with our new, all-natural wool plushies!

Shop our Alpaca Toys and Keyrings today to find your new pal.

Range of alpacas