How to remove pet hair from your favourite woollies

Cleaning wool

It’s National Pet Month, and our furry friends may be loveable but shedding is a big issue. Whether your pet is a major shedder or only refreshes its coat seasonally, ridding rooms, and all the furnishings that occupy them, can become a never-ending battle, especially if you love decorating with wool. Read on to discover our top tips for removing pet hair without damaging the natural fibres within.

Never, ever use a lint roller

While lint rollers are cheap options that are readily accessible to all pet owners looking to keep pet hair at bay, they can actually cause more harm than good. Here Rampley & Co explains why you should NEVER use a lint roller on clothing and other textiles:

“…it’s the glue adhesive on the outside is the main issue with using a lint roller. The adhesive is helpful for physically sticking to your fabric and collecting lint and other particles, however, this damages the fabric by leaving a sticky residue behind on the clothing. This texture can then matte the fabric, leaving it prone to collecting even more dust and lint in the future, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy as it starts attracting even more lint and dust.”

In addition to creating a sticky residue that actually attracts more pet hair and lint to textiles, lint rollers are particularly damaging to the environment. Contrary to popular belief, the plastic-coated sheets found on disposable lint rollers are non-recyclable.

Reach for a clothes brush instead

A clothes brush isn’t just eco-friendlier, it’s kinder on fabrics and more cost-effective too! Instead of going through rolls and rolls of disposable lint sheets, you’ll be able to remove dust, dirt and hair from home textiles with a reusable product.

Our Clothes Brush is 100% vegan too, using oak, sisal fibres and cotton to ensure the ultimate glue-free pet hair removal experience.

Clean pet hairs from wool

Remember, prevention is better than cure

There are several tactics you can use to keep pet hair away from your clothes and home textiles, which means you’ll ultimately spend far less time brushing fabrics to get them hair free and ready to use or wear.

Steaming your clothes or using an anti-static spray are great and highly effective options. This snazzy Cirrus No.3 Iron Steamer is gentle on the most delicate fibres. Exposing textiles to steam eliminates static so pet hair is less likely to cling to the surface. This makes it simpler to brush away. There are many more advantages to using steam on wool. Hot steam actively kills bacteria and eradicates bad odours, reducing the need for washing, and preserving fibres and preventing pilling as a result.

You can also repel lint and refresh clothes with our Fabric Spray. Manufactured by wool care specialist Steamery in their climate-neutral factory, the formulation actively reduces static with a quick spritz while leaving fabrics fresh, soft and thoroughly nourished.

Control excess shedding at the source

In the spirit of preventing pet hair from sticking to clothes, stepping up your pet grooming routine is a fantastic move that can help to control excess shedding. While the rate of shedding varies from pet to pet and from breed to breed, increasing the frequency of those grooming sessions will enable you to collect loose hair before it makes its way onto your wool blankets and clothes.

Adjusting your pet’s diet can also enhance the quality and condition of their coat to reduce the likelihood of shedding.