What does ‘Woolmark certified’ actually mean?

Woolmark certification explained

Here at So Cosy, we work with the finest natural materials and most skilled craftspeople and artisans to help customers like you shop more sustainably.

Alongside our International Alpaca Association membership, our work with The Woolmark Company gives our all-natural, ethical products the seal of approval many of our eco conscious customers are looking for. But, what does the Woolmark certified label seen on most of our blankets and throws actually mean?

It means quality

Since its establishment in 1936, The Woolmark Company has continued to deliver on its commitment to quality, working with wool growers and brands to connect consumers with one of the finest fibres nature has to offer.

During its early days, The Woolmark Company’s mission to promote better quality wool to the masses wasn’t undertaken by adding its now iconic mark to the best wool products however as this excerpt from their website explains:

“…the International Wool Secretariat (IWS) was established (also including New Zealand and South Africa) to promote their product on an international scale. In 1954 the IWS Prize was established. This coveted award recognised excellence and innovation in fashion and promoted wool in its most pure form – natural and luxurious. This was the original incarnation of the International Woolmark Prize.”

The Woolmark logo was created a decade later and has since been used as a marker of quality wool products.

It means traceability

The beauty of Woolmark certified products is that they can be traced throughout their supply chain all the way back to their origin.

We understand just how important knowing where your homewares come from is. That’s why we work directly with the growers who care for the beautiful creatures that produce the materials we use and the artisans who turn those stunning, sustainably sourced fibres into the lovely products you welcome into your homes.

The community sits at the centre of what we do and the products we so proudly produce, and we take great pride in supporting local economies and their people.

It means sustainability

The biodegradability of wool is renowned but this is only part of the sustainability puzzle. With the Woolmark logo seen across our product range, you can rest assured that our blankets, throws and wool home accessories tick all the right boxes for you and the planet.

The Woolmark logo is after all only featured on products that are 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. The Woolmark Company supports slow fashion and the use of high quality, timeless products as opposed to fast fashion. This means you can rest safe in the knowledge that your hard-earned money is spent on investment pieces that last a lifetime (or more), protect the environment, and support local artisans.

It means peace of mind

Our work with The Woolmark Company is integral to our commitment to quality, sustainability and consumer confidence.

We want you to feel confident that you are investing in an all-natural product that doesn’t put a burden on the planet, the animals producing the fibres that make it, or the people who help us to turn it into the beautiful home accessory it becomes along the way.

You shouldn’t have to choose between style and substance, and here at So Cosy, you can enjoy both with certified classics that provide comfort time and time again. Explore our full range of Woolmark certified home accessories today right here.