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Everyday life leaves traces on your clothes. This modern garment lint brush is a sustainable alternative to the old tape roller – keeping your clothes and furniture flawless and free from hair, dust, fuzz, dandruff and you name it.

How It Works

The bristle is made of a polyester weave where all the tiny bristles are pointed in the same tilted direction. Thus, when moving the brush against the bristles, the bristle will lift and catch the lint, hair, dandruff, shallow and dirt. Twist the handle 2–3 times to clean the brush. Push on the lid on top of the brush to empty the container.


Easily removes lint, hair, dust, fuzz and dandruff from clothes & furniture
Great for pet owners
Leaves no traces of glue (like sticky tape rollers do)
Gentle and efficient on all fabrics
Lightweight – ideal to bring on a weekend or business trip


Length: 18,5cm
Height: 4,3cm
Width: 4,3cm
Weight: 91,1g
Material: ABS-plastic & Polyester

How is the Lint Brush different from a classic tape roller?

Not to shame the old sticky-tape-roller too much, but it’s really an ancient garment tool. First of all, it’s a disposable product. Second of all, even if the glue is good at catching lint and hairs, it always leaves residues of glue on the garment. As a result, your newly cleaned clothes become like a magnet for more hair, dirt and dust

Why don’t I get a good result brushing in both directions?

The brush is constructed with tiny bristles all pointing in the same tilted direction. So, when moving the brush against the bristles, the brush will lift and catch the stuff you want to remove.

Can I use the Lint Brush on all kinds of fabrics?

Yes! But be careful with delicate fabrics – start by brushing softly and make sure that the fabric doesn’t get damaged.

How long does the Lint Brush last?

It’s a one-time purchase, and unlike the tape roller you never have to replace any parts.





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