Shades Teal Blue & Grey Check Throw Blanket

130 x 200 cm – 4ft 3in x 6ft 6in

100% Baby Alpaca Wool

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100% Baby Alpaca Wool


W130 x L200cm – 4ft 3in x 6ft 6in


Teal Blue | Grey





Alpaca Origin certified. Learn more here.

Sporting a sophisticated, close-set check that fades the most beautiful, teal blue and greys to lighter tones, our Shade Throw-Blanket is interesting, evocative and incredibly smooth. With mixed, twisted fringing that follows the fade, this darker design is surprisingly uplifting and just as fascinating to look at as it is to touch.

Adding interest and intrigue to contemporary and classic schemes alike, our baby alpaca wool Shade Throw-Blanket is a graceful addition to spaces big and small. Wrap yourself in warmth and style from day to night, and from season to season, and enjoy a timeless accessory that’ll be your cosy staple for the long haul. The Shade Throw’s generous proportions make it a fitting addition to any room of the home, including your living space, snug, bedroom or study.

Shady, snug and super soft to the touch

Feathery fine and silky smooth, our checked Shade Throw-Blanket strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort. Along with its stunning good looks, its texture offers a velvety softness that you won’t believe until you touch it for yourself. The Shade Throw-Blanket is also light in weight, making it the ideal companion for home use or travel.

Thanks to its use of 100% baby alpaca wool, our Shade Throw-Blanket delivers great comfort, even to those with the most sensitive skin types. It’s also a low-maintenance, rich addition that puts the planet, its people and its animals first.

Fibres found in nature and loved by us all

We take the sourcing of the baby alpaca wool used to craft our Shade Throws-Blankets very seriously. That’s why we work with the world’s most ethical farms to ensure our baby alpaca wool throws can be introduced to your home with minimal impact on the environment and the beloved creatures that this beautiful fibre is sourced from.

Explore style, sustainability and 5-star softness in one stunningly sophisticated design by ordering our Shade Throw-Blanket right here.


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